Hi, I’m Sam! Let Me Share My Journey With You…

In 2021, after eight years in the corporate world, I gathered the courage to leave my misaligned job without a backup plan. I was burned out and couldn’t find joy in anything. It was a scary and bold move, but I chose to honor myself above all else. 

But things didn’t go as planned after my formal career exit. My hiatus, or time away from work, lasted way longer than I expected or wanted it to. I initially thought to have a short, few-month sabbatical & then rejoin the workforce. Well, the universe had other plans. Instead, I went through a “dark night of the soul” and had every fear imaginable come up, begging to be healed. For once, my career and education had to take a backseat. There was a complete shattering of my reality while I was trying to figure out who I authentically was and what my interests & passions were. So much of my life up to this point revolved around work, and I made it my entire identity. I struggled to see where I fit into the world without a job. To navigate such an uncomfortable time, I turned to Spirit as a way of coping, healing, and ultimately turning my life around. While I had already started exploring my spirituality since 2018, I was still in the so-called ‘spiritual closet’. I could no longer stand to be contained there, so I began to let my true passion for it come out. I really started to lean into spiritual tools and modalities, which helped me discover who I was and deepen my relationship with myself. I also started to make new connections & foster relationships with those on similar paths.

Furthermore, I received several pieces of intuitive guidance from Spirit that urged me to explore a new career path in financial planning. Not knowing what else to do, I took that leap of faith, started on that path, and never looked back! However, as I began to embark on that new career path, I didn’t resonate with the traditional financial advisory firms that existed. Entry-level jobs in the field were hard to come by and often paired with low starting pay. However, I was frantically applying to the few opportunities that did show up, fearing running out of money. I had already exhausted my savings and was dipping into my retirement funds. This situation created fear, a lack of stability, and a lack of confidence within myself that I never felt before. Ironically, I wanted to help others with their finances, but I felt like I couldn’t help myself.

While money and my fears were motivating factors to find a job, deep down, I intuitively knew I couldn’t show up as my authentic self in those environments and wouldn’t be happy long-term. Additionally, part of me didn’t want to return to corporate after experiencing the freedom I had outside of it. Naturally, I wasn’t having the best of luck securing a job because it was not what my soul truly wanted. It was my fear and ego that was pressuring me to secure a job – not my higher self and Spirit. I was no longer a vibrational match to the corporate finance & accounting world, so my efforts to land something weren’t happening. I became increasingly frustrated, wondering how I would make a living. I also tried to understand why Spirit guided me down this career path when so much of it felt out of resonance. I realized I was all just an invitation to trust, have faith, surrender, and cultivate patience; Spirit would not guide me down a path that wasn’t truly meant for me or wasn’t for my greatest and highest good. I had to keep moving through the fears, blocks, and resistance that were coming up. 

It all led me to this: if what I sought didn’t exist, maybe I was meant to be the first! So, I set out to create a firm in my own desired image. That is how Soul Wealthy Financial was born! I wanted to create a financial advisory firm that transcended the human experience with money. I wanted to help raise the vibration and consciousness of the financial services industry, which is often driven by ego, fear and scarcity. I wanted to bring authenticity, vulnerability, feminine energy, and loving-kindness into an industry starving for this whole-person approach to wealth. Lastly, I wanted to infuse this work with the energetic and spiritual tools that had a profound and transformative impact on my life. Many of these modalities were not being used by the current industry and/or were not widely accepted. 

While I had these ideas and large aspirations, this was a very intimidating soul mission. It was an overwhelming thought to start a financial planning firm AND incorporate spiritual and energetic principles into it! I already felt like a black sheep in this field, and there were high financial barriers to entry. I had to accept the reality of our regulated financial system. If I was going to legally do this work, and serve other souls in the highest capacity possible, I had to further my education and register as an investment advisor in my home state. Additionally, if I was going to be successful, I knew I had to more deeply embody these practices and apply them to my own financial situation. Needless to say, it would take a high degree of emotional, energetic, and logistical labor on my part to make this dream, this vision, a reality. As intimidating as it sounded, I knew deep in my heart I had to pursue it. And my higher self knew I could do it. I felt supported and protected by my higher self and Spirit, who cheered me on as I took the necessary aligned actions.

Amazingly, Soul Wealthy Financial, which is an extension of myself, was officially/legally born on my birthday! Little signs & synchronicities such as this one assured me I was walking the right path & that I was meant to do this work.

Looking back on my journey, I am so thankful I trusted Spirit, took some bold risks, and listened to my heart and intuition because it guided me into work that I find fulfilling and supportive and allows me to live in my truth & authenticity! I aim to educate and empower others to do the same while using money as the creative force to build the beautiful life they desire.

Technical Qualifications

  • MBA with Finance emphasis from Arizona State University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Arizona
  • Certified Corporate FP&A Professional (FPAC)
  • FINRA Series 65 License
  • Candidate for CFP® Certification
  • Trauma of Money™ Certified
  • Ex-Big 4 Auditor (Public Accounting)

Fun Facts About Me

  • Taurus Sun, Libra Moon, and Cancer Rising
  • 5/1 Emotional Projector
  • Life Path 5
  • I LOVE hiking and rollerskating
  • I am obsessed with overnight oats
  • My favorite movie is Star Wars
  • I love a good moody playlist that gets me in the feels