Welcome To The New Era Of Financial Planning!

Soul Wealthy Financial is a boutique, fee-only financial advisory firm that offers financial advice for the mind, body and spirit.

My approach to money is holistic and multidisciplinary. I craftily combine the pragmatics of financial planning, trauma-informed perspectives, and spiritual healing modalities to support you on your financial wellness journey.  Here is why I take this approach:

While financial planning and financial literacy are important, they operate on an intellectual and logical level. Most financial challenges lie deeper within our hearts and psyche, requiring spiritual solutions. This is why I take an intuitive and energetic approach to the financial planning process. However, New Age money manifestation teachings rarely acknowledge our collective history and inherited beliefs around money, spiritually bypassing systemic and societal issues around money. This is why I also take a trauma-informed approach to this work. While it’s important to acknowledge this trauma, we mustn’t remain victim to it. We must take personal responsibility for our finances.

Integrating all of these parts unlocks and maximizes our potential for creating, maintaining, and growing sustainable wealth.


To help individuals, couples and families build sustainable financial abundance through meaningful, aligned, and informed choices so they can co-create the life they desire.


To revolutionize how we perceive, handle, and interact with money. To create a new paradigm that challenges the traditional views and practices surrounding money by empowering individuals to cultivate a more mindful, intentional, and holistic relationship with their finances.


Core Values

Spiritual-Infused Financial Advice

I believe that the best financial decisions align with our higher selves and honor our heart and soul. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and part of our human journey requires us to navigate our finances. However, we must also honor our divine nature and work in harmony with the laws of the Universe, calling upon divine support to help us co-create the life we desire. My approach to financial advice is infused with spirituality, ensuring that my clients receive guidance that nourishes their soul as well as their bank account.


Compassionate & Heart-Centered

I’m a heart-centric practice. Loving-kindness, compassion and feminine energy are infused throughout this work. Your financial plan is always consciously curated to you and your needs.

I believe money is a powerful tool that, when used mindfully and in alignment with your values, can help you co-create the life you desire. It’s important to treat money like all other relationships in your life: with love and respect. Money deserves to be part of your overall health & wellness journey. Regularly tending to it is an act of self love & self care. 

Education & Empowerment

As someone who can legally provide investment and financial advice, my goal is to financially empower you! I provide you with the information, education, and resources necessary for you to make informed decisions with your money and feel confident in those decisions.

And while my methods have a spiritual and energetic component to them, I incorporate financial psychology and other science-backed methods.


Authenticity & Vulnerability

I know talking about money can be hard. That’s why I strive to create a supportive environment and judgment-free zone to help you move through fear and uncomfortable emotions. I value the courage it takes to be vulnerable, open, and authentic. I want you to feel safe expressing and sharing your financial truth with me.



Honesty & Integrity

You can rest easy and have full faith that I am always acting your highest and best. Maintaining a strong set of ethical values is important to me, which is why I took a Fiduciary Oath to always act in my client’s best interests. I am also a fee-only firm, meaning I am solely compensated through the fees charged to my clients. I do not receive any commissions from third parties nor sell any products, thus eliminating potential conflicts of interest.


Justice & Fairness

I believe in equal access to support and resources regardless of your social or economic status. I regularly engage in philanthropic efforts, provide complimentary resources, and host reasonably priced events because I am committed to helping break cycles of generational poverty and financial trauma. I want this information, this work, to be accessible to the collective.



Who I Serve:

I serve conscious, heart-centered or spiritually-minded individuals, couples, families and business owners. So whether you are a corporate professional who recognizes the value of holistic and intuitive living, or a spiritual individual who seeks guidance in navigating the practical aspects of money, I can help! 

Ultimately, I welcome anyone who resonates with and desires my services! Alignment and intention outweigh demographic-like characteristics.

Where & How I Serve:

I am a 100% virtual practice. All of my meetings are held via Zoom. 

Financial Advisory Services (Holistic Financial Plan, Mini Financial Plan, Energetic Money Audit) are only available to U.S. citizens currently residing in the U.S.

Non-Financial Advisory Services (Abundance Block Session, Abundance Block Intensive, Financial Soul Blueprint Reading) are available to everyone worldwide.

Benefits Of Working Together:

If you would like to work together, you can expect to:

  • Have a consistent, safe space to show up authentically, do the financial work, and express your financial fears and truth.
  • Gain a deeper awareness of underlying money wounds and blocks hindering your financial success.
  • Have ongoing personalized support and accountability as you heal and grow new mindset and energetic connections.
  • View money through a new lens/portal. 
  • Gain knowledge and clarity of your entire financial situation.
  • Have ongoing access to a financial expert for practical tools and education.
  • Have increased confidence in making financial decisions.

How Can We Work Together?

If you resonate with this holistic approach to wealth, I invite you to schedule a discovery call! I always offer a complimentary call to see if we will be a good fit for working together.

Did You Know...

The name Soul Wealthy Financial, reflects the belief that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and part of that human experience includes working with money. I strive to help you build a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your finances in mind, body and spirit.