Complimentary Resources

Check out my complimentary guides, tools and spreadsheets below! All are designed to help you get started on your holistic finance journey! 


Just For You!

Money Rituals Guide

This guide goes over six different rituals to help explore your relationship with money, your financial goals, and call in greater abundance.

Chakras & Money Guide

This guide explores the seven chakras through a financial lens. You’ll learn how to heal energetic money blocks that show up in each chakra.

Financial Jargon Guide

This guide demystifies common words and phrases used in financial planning so that you can feel more empowered diving into money conversations. 

Net Worth Spreadsheet

This simple spreadsheet will help you gain clarity on your current net worth. Your net worth is simply what you own (assets) minus what you owe (liabilities).

Spending Analysis Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will help you identify your expenses over a period of time and reflect on which support your future self and your financial goals.

Statement of Cash Flow Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is designed to track all of your inflows and outflows over one year. Understanding your cash flow is the starting point for creating a budget.

Debt Repayment Plan Spreadsheet

If you have debt, this simple spreadsheet is designed to help you take inventory of all your outstanding debts and determine which one you should tackle paying off first.