A New Era Of Financial Planning: Financial Planning Meets Wealth Energetics

Boutique financial planning & advice infused with spiritual & energetic tools so that you can transform your financial life.


Abundance Block Session

This is a 60-minute session designed to bring clarity to your financial blocks and empower you to navigate your financial future with greater confidence and compassion

Financial Soul Blueprint Reading

This is a written reading that looks in-depth at the financial aspects of your astrology, human design, and numerology. 

Abundance Block Intensive

This is a half-day (4-hour) VIP experience designed to give you emotional, mental and energetic clarity and direction around your finances so you can set yourself up for the most abundant outcomes.

Mini Financial Plan

A mini financial plan is designed for individuals or couples just starting on their finance journey who have little to no investments and want a plan focused on budgeting, getting out of debt and organizing their finances. Throughout the planning process, I incorporate psychological and spiritual tools to support you in overcoming financial trauma, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits hindering your success.

Holistic Financial Plan

A holistic financial plan is designed for individuals or couples further along their finance journey who also need support around insurance, investment, tax and retirement decisions. I take an intuitive and trauma-informed approach to develop and deliver your plan. Throughout the planning process, I incorporate psychological and energetic tools so that you can set yourself up to receive your plan in the most impactful way.

Energetic Money Audit for Small Businesses

This one-time consulting service is designed to uncover the energetic and financial blocks in your small business that are costing you money. You’ll receive clarity around the areas of your business that need money healing or process improvement, as well as advice on how to move forward.



Hi! I’m Sam Madar!

I am the Founder and Lead Abundance Advisor of Soul Wealthy Financial. I am soul glad you’re here! 

Since 2021 I’ve been following my intuition and divine call to support others through financial planning. However, as I embarked on this journey, I realized I didn’t fully resonate with or fit into the conventional mold of the financial advisory business. But that’s because I wasn’t meant to! 

Learn more about my story, how Soul Wealthy Financial was born, and why I’m on a mission to serve others in a heart-centered way.